High Performance
Software Engineering
Raiffeisen internship program
Application deadline
November 25
Duration 1 year +
Part-time (20h per week)
Paid internship
Moscow, Raiffeisenbank Office
About us. We develop a high-frequency trading (HFT) system for equities, currencies and derivatives markets. Our business edge is in technology and as such our main goal is to create a top-notch HFT platform, based on fundamental and statistical models and machine learning, with low latency and high throughput. Our codebase is our advantage, it is flexible and easy to maintain. We are passionate about code quality and strive for highest standards in development.
Instruments and tools:
Our team:
Our platform is written in modern Java with many solutions developed in-house to satisfy bespoke requirements. Our technology stack is growing, following latest trends in technology. Many of our solutions are unique and have no equivalents in standard or open-source libraries because of unacceptable level of compromises involved.
Experts in JIT compilation, architecture of modern CPUs and high-performance distributed systems. We develop business solutions with high degree of freedom and light bureaucracy.
Instruments and tools:
We offer:
Competitive compensation above market
Fast performance-based career progression
Medical insurance & corporate benefits
Opportunity to participate in professional conferences worldwide
With us you will:
Design and implement effective trading algorithms using mathematical statistics and machine learning, in a scalable and high-performing computational environment
Develop low-level algorithms and data structures based on performance requirements
Work with machine learning models

Learn about optimizing code performance

Ability to work at least 20h per week
Exceptional level of understanding of mathematics and algorithms
Knowledge of object-oriented languages (Java, C++). Linux skills as a plus
Knowledge of databases, compilers, modern hardware and software architecture
Knowledge of data structures and basic understanding of statistics and ML
Willingness to learn and work hard
  • Exceptional level of understanding of mathematics and algorithms.
  • Knowledge of object-oriented languages (Java, C++).
  • Knowledge of databases, compilers, modern hardware and software architecture.
  • Knowledge of data structures and basic understanding of statistics and ML.
  • Linux skills as a plus.
  • Willingness to learn and work hard.
Selection Process:
Application open until November 25
Phone interviews until November 29
Face-to-face interview
Successful candidates are selected, program starts in January 2020
Individual case study
About Capital Markets in Raiffeisenbank:
Capital Markets is the area where challenging computations meet top-notch technologies and highest levels of competition. Success is determined by the speed of reaction and ability to be ahead of others. These are the tasks for high-caliber professionals who are fast to learn from our experience and bring their own ideas to the table. In our work we are guided by continuous improvement and innovation. We implement the world's best ideas and practices. Our team is non-hierarchical and flat and every voice counts in our decision making. We reward people based on merit and excellence, and not on experience alone. We maintain a culture where career growth depends on nothing but performance.

Apply till November 25
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